Custom Acrylics
We carry over 1,000 stock items, but if you don't see what you are looking for we can help you to make your item to your specifications. Our Custom Acrylic Capabilities are unparalleled.

Whether you need 1 prototype or a 10,000 piece run we can help meet your needs.

Our Custom Acrylic capabilities Include:
See Below For Information on How to Sumit a Quote
Submitting A Request for A Quote On A Costom Item
To be able to help you with your custom needs we will need a picture (line drawings work just fine) with dimensions, material thickness, and quantity desired.

Please FAX this information to us at (714) 992-6165 or email the information to

You can normally expect to recieve your quote by either FAX or email within 1-2 days
Click on an image below to see sample requests for custom quotes:
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